Blonde model holding rose quartz crystal dildo massage wand

OmYONI® Pleasure Wands can be used for not only sacred intimate pleasure, but for other self love rituals, these include meditation, intention and manifestation work. Take your self-care rituals to the next level with your rose quartz crystal Pleasure Wand. The Venus can also be placed next to or in the bath tub, infusing your bath water with crystal energy for the ultimate pampering. Sleeping with your OmYONI® Pleasure Wand is a powerful way to recharge your spirit and put you in a calm and restful state for a deep and dreamy nights sleep. Cleansing your Venus should be done either by burning sage or palo santo, leaving them to charge in sunlight or under a full moon. Keep your mind and heart open to the endless possibility, and you will be inspired by what manifests around and within you.