7 Reasons Why We Believe Masturbation is Self care

It will come as no surprise to you that we believe that the power of self love (female masturbation, female play etc) can have a deep impact on your life; your energy; your mood. We believe this because we practice what we preach. A cup of tea (or something stronger - vodka) can often help us shake off a funk. Sometimes it just isn’t enough. However, taking the time to give your body some self love, a body-jolting orgasm, with or without a pleasure wand... Well, that sure as hell works for us.

As if you needed it, here are 7 reasons we believe that female masturbation, otherwise known as Self Love at OmYONI HQ is our deepest form of self care. And, sadly, it’s one that seems to be taboo. Not for us.

  1. It’s free. (Say it louder at the back so the females at the front can hear!)

We love yoga, we love massages and spa days, we love treating ourselves to a sushi takeaway. But hold up, girl, that stuff costs money. We need a self care session daily, if not, then weekly. Privacy - that may be your only hurdle with self love. Get yourself some privacy and you have yourself a space for self loving. Spend a few minutes beforehand visualising, imagining, fantasising and before you know it you’ll be ready to go spend time on yourself. Savour the minutes that you carve out to care and love your body in a way that (pretty much) no one else can. You’re in control and you aren’t breaking the bank - you’re investing in yourself.

  1. Orgasms = bye bye stress. What were you even thinking about before starting?

We hope you’re all nodding to this one. Masturbation is a powerful thing - it is pleasurable for the body and mind at once. Like plunging into a pool and going underwater you can leave everything in a separate world when you begin masturbating; your focus is you and you’re transmitting yourself to a new, incredible space. Then, when you’re done, it's almost as if you’ve washed away some of the grubby stress you had lingering before. Sometimes, post-orgasm you may find you have clarity and perhaps even the solution to a worry.

  1. Practice makes perfect; masturbation can improve your ‘bedroom’ experiences

It can help you feel MORE interested about having sex. And we are *so* here for that. Self love allows you to understand your sexual needs on a deeper level - there’s no distraction, it’s just you and your body and you are in total control of as to what happens next. By understanding your sexual needs in this way it can help you to communicate btt

  1. The whole thing strengthens your pelvic floor. TICK!

What a phenomenal side effect to something that feels good. Why can’t all exercise be like this? (Perhaps one to ask that delicious PT…?) Wow. Ok, so number three was definitely real. Oh, and two. What’s this all about? Oh yeah. Kegal strength = stronger orgasms and that’s certainly an exciting prospect. If you’re leaking pee when you laugh or cough (Mums, we got you) then a little female masturbation and pleasure should be high on that to-do  list of yours.

  1. By masturbating you have the power to potentially reduce some of the discomfort menopause can cause

Yep. That’s right. With an increased blood flow entering your lady region, your vagina, this can help the body to address vaginal issues better; ie vaginal lubrication for those dry phases and maintaining impressive elasticity - this kind of attention and ‘vagina gymnastics’ can help strengthen muscles and help you feel more confident as your body is changing and adapting through menopause.

  1. Orgasmic Manifestation


Want to turn your dreams into reality ? At the moment of orgasm the mind becomes so clear that the experience has been likened to death, or as the French call it, 'le petit mort'. Orgasmic energy is one of the most powerful energies, and brings our vibration to it’s highest state, meaning we are open to receiving. We can use this heightened state to match the energy of that which we desire in our lives. This is called Orgasmic Manifestation, or Sex Magic. If you already have a specific idea of what you want to invoke more of in your life, you can channel your own orgasmic energy into receiving it. You can practice this by developing a clear focus on what it is you want to manifest, visually in your mind or with intention. At the moment of orgasm, state your intention aloud or focus on your visual.

  1. E - X - P - E - R I - M - E - N - T

To us this is like spelling and singing out R-E-S-P-E- C-T as we feel so passionately about it. Self care in this way allows you to try new things; angles, pressures, rhythms, fantasies. You can see how your body responds to multiple orgasms for the first (or...not first time) It’s a no brainer and can really help you to learn and enjoy this incredible body you have.

Ok, if that hasn’t encouraged you to prioritise self love, we don’t know what will save you, sister. For those of you interested in joining this spiritual and self-nurturing experience on the regs - get thee one of these asap.